GISL Exploration Field School

An Intensive practical field training with the following goals:

What you will learn

Module 1: Digital Geological Mapping and Prospecting

  • Preparation of field base maps
  • Digital geological mapping
  • Discrete Field data collection
  • Field Data Management in a GIS
  • Structural Mapping

Module 2: Exploration Geophysical Methods

  • Geophysical Survey Planning and Design
  • Geophysical Equipment set-up and handling
  • Geophysical data collection - magnetic, electromagnetic, induced polarization, resistivity and gravity methods
  • Processing, modelling and interpretation of geophysical data

Module 3: Geochemical data collection and analysis

  • Rock and Soil sampling
  • Stream sediment sampling
  • Panning stream sediments
  • XRF survey
  • Analysis and Interpretation of assay data

Module 4: Data integration and interpretation

  • Integration of geological, geophysical and geochemical dataset
  • Prospectivity mapping and mineral targeting
  • 3-D geological and geophysical modeling
  • Introduction to drilling and resource evaluation methods
  • Technical presentation and reporting